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Author(s) Beaming
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting none
Movement none
Released 2017
Current Rating 1on1 0.63 (1152nd)
Current Version v1.2
Code Size NanoBot
Code License open source and comes with no string attached

Background Information

RoboRumble ‒ APS: 0.63% (1152nd), PL: 4-1136 (1153rd), Survival: 1.89%

What's special about it?

Apparently there is a competition on being the worst bot in the rumble, see Thread:Talk:RoboRumble/Participants/Keeping worse bots/reply (2). This is my attempt to win it.

I also try to do it with the least amount of code. Version 1.2 is only 31 bytes. It is probably the smallest bot in the rumble.

Version 1.1 was even smaller (30 bytes) and the bot exploded on start up, which was cool. No one can hit a bot and yet it exploded. But rumble does not like such behavior.

How competitive is it?

Well it tries to be the best in being the worst. It is currently close to the bottom :)

What is under the hood?

Try to guess :). If you cannot, the source is open and comes inside the jar.

How does it move?

It does not.

How does it fire

It does not. Why risking it?