ButtHead/Version History

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ButtHead 1.0: Ranked 36 in NanoRumble, 81 in MicroRumble, 133 in MiniRumble, 403 in RoboRumble

Uses stop and go and ramming movement and a pattern matching gun


ButtHead 1.1: Ranked 64 in NanoRumble, 121 in MicroRumble, 178 in MiniRumble, 468 in RoboRumble

Uses musashi trick instead of stop and go, but added some bells and whistles


ButtHead 2.0: Ranked 5 in NanoRumble, 22 in MicroRumble, 39 in MiniRumble, 221 in RoboRumble

Uses linear targeting, musashi trick, and oscillation

Based off of Sabreur