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This is a list of RoboRumble Stats templates that can be used by RumbleStats extension.

The template will received following parameters:

  • {{{link}}} - the URL for the bot detail page
  • {{{rumble}}} - name of the rumble, such as RoboRumble
  • {{{scorelabel}}} - the label for the first score that use in ranking, which is APS for normal rumble and Survival for Twin Duel
  • {{{score}}} - first score, as describe above
  • {{{rank}}} - the rank, such as 32nd
  • {{{score2label}}} - label for the second score, which is Survival for normal rumble and APS for Twin Duel
  • {{{score2}}} - second score
  • {{{win}}} - number of parings that you win
  • {{{loss}}} - number of paring that you lose
  • {{{plrank}}} - rank in Premier League, such as "3rd"
  • {{{glicko2}}} - Deprecated, was Glicko-2 score (now always "N/A")
  • {{{pwin}}} - win percentage
  • {{{vote}}} - percentage of bots you score best against
  • {{{anpp}}} - normalized percentage pairs - similar to APS, but score vs each bot is linear from 0 (for minimum score against that bot) to 100 (for best score against that bot)

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