Chronicle of 2013

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Here is a list of events, minor or major, that happened to Robocode/RoboWiki in 2013:

  • CombatTeam is the new teamrumble king in APS and survival league.
  • EnergyDome appeared as the most successful Bullet Shielder in the rumble.
  • Chase fixed a bug in the robot Seraphim that had rendered it nothing more then an advanced sandbox flattener for over 6 years. It jumped over 30 ranks into the rumbles top 25.
  • LiteRumble became the primary rumble server.
  • Robocode was released, including a move to Java 6.
  • Robocode beta was released, adding a new robot type, the Border Sentry.
  • XanderCat entered the top 5. Along the way he proved the viability of Bullet Shielding in top bots. DrussGT added it to pull away from Diamond.
  • The RoboWiki server crashed on Xmas, causing it to be down for almost two weeks. Sad pandas!