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CyanideVersion History - Archived Talk 20090528

1.90.c: Some bugfixes in the gun.

1.90.b: Turned off anti-surfer gun. More aggressive against bad bots (not beneficial score wise, but more enjoyable to watch).

1.90.a: Rewrote gun and that made me happy. Most fun I've had coding in awhile. Attempted to incorporate a VirtualGuns system to fight against surfers. Gun is likely still buggy.

1.90: Reverted to 1.80.b except with a new and improved gun. 2043.

1.86.0: A lot of small movement tweaks.

1.85.1: Turned off the lowSeg gun. 2031.

1.85: Made a few movement bug fixes and added a low-segmented gun to help against other surfers. 2025.

1.82: I only ran four battles with the rolling averages in the movement very sped up, but I liked what I saw.

1.80: Cleaned up the gun a bit, and sped up the movement predictor. 2038.

1.79: Gun does not use rolling averages at all; bullet power changes.

1.78: Movement modifications. 2031.

1.77: Added some more to the movement segmentation and slightly sped up the future movement predictor.

1.76: It is a woefully slow bot. I have switched the segmentation over to what PEZ has done in Bee, but my implementation is still rather old and arcane. (Thanks for doing all that testing to find out what works, PEZ!) 2037 post-drift.

1.75.1: Only using the fast stats against difficult opponents.

1.75: Back to weighing the surfing stats equally. Changed the gun, weighing the stats and fastStats equally and rolling the latter.

1.74: OK, just working on the movement, cleaned it up and commented it and realized that I could get rid of some unnecessary stuff. Tried to get a flattener to work, but that didn't happen. Instead, the stats to surf are randomly weighted.

1.73: More of a gut feeling release that involved changing both the gun and the movement.

1.72: Worked on the movement slightly. Tried to make it faster but I think that backfired. 2053.

1.71: Increased bullet power against weak movements and fixed (I think) something in the pattern avoidance array. 2050.

1.70: Added a new fast gun and a new movement array to trick pattern matchers a bit more. 2047.

1.65: Fixed a serious targetting bug by adding a pair of parentheses. It should now perform a lot more like Raiko, the gun it was modeled after. This version broke the barrier! 2031.

1.63.1: Now just the movement fix. 1991.

1.63: Additional gun change and movement bug fix. 1976.

1.62: Failed gun change and movement bug fix. 1974.

1.61: I think I fixed the bug that caused a very rare poor showing against simple guns. 1990.

1.6: New and improved surfing. Weighting the most recent stats + segment stats. Good Dive Protection. 1965.

1.48.1 and 1.48.2: not good.

1.48: Trying to fix a bit of a bug, removed the weird flattening stuff.

1.47: Added some features. Features, bugs, same thing.

1.46.1: Forgot to keep my bullet power changes, plus there was a weird bug. Not sure if it's fixed or not.

1.46: I wonder if my new gun - dynamically segmenting on distance and rrreally easy to add segments to- is any good.

1.45.1: After awhile I start to forget what it is I'm tweaking.

1.45: New movement system (more or less). Getting closer to perfection.

1.44.4: More movement tweaks. 1975.

1.44.3: The 1.44 line is better than the 1.5 line, went back to that plus some small changes.

1.51: Some tweaks of the previous movement.

1.5: Refactored some stuff, looks neater (sort of).

1.44.2: Worked on the movement.

1.44.1: Unsuccessful gun tweak.

1.44: Didn't realize how easy it was to add in a flattener. It's not weighted very strongly though, so little improvement. 1967.

1.43: BulletHitBullet events now update the stats array. 1.9 bullet power, slight randomness added to gun.

1.42.1: Tried adding some weirdness to the movement.

1.42: Added the most recent unsegmented gf data to the gun. 13th place, and no red scores (at the moment)! 1952.

Pre-RR@H Crash:

1.41.2: Now moves as far away from an opponent when there is no enemy in the air. Improved the DiveProtection.

1.41.1: Small tweaks.

1.4: Now surfing every wave!

1.37: Different segmentations.

1.36.1: Slightly changed the segmentation structure to make segments easier to add/remove. Modifying the segments didn't do much in my meager tests, so I am releasing this version with my velocity and distance segmented.

1.36: Added some wall bouncing which has really helped, especially in the HOT evading.

1.35: The future prediction is now more precise and I continue to tweak the criteria to move forward or back.

1.34: I have improved the surfing and fixed a bullet power bug, but it is extremely vulnerable against pattern matchers.

1.3-1.33: I added a new gun - Raiko's segmentation with Kawigi's structure, but the movement tweaks only hurt it.

1.22: Reduced bullet power and added an enemy bullet power segment.

1.21: Segmented.

1.2: Fixed the future prediction code, but is unsegmented.

1.1: The future prediction code is still wrong.

1.0: Broken, the future prediction code is wrong.