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This is an informal weekly tournament held by CrazyBassoonist. It is meant to be a fun way to test new robots against each other. There are six categories: Mega, Mini, Micro, Nano, Extends Robot, and Implements Droid. All you have to do to participate is to post which bots you want to enter on the EliteTournament/Participants page, so go ahead and enter! There's no reason not to.


1. Basics: Each robot entered will fight one 35-round battle on an 800x600 (400x400 for droids) field against every other robot entered into its category. Note that robots will never fight other robots outside their category.

2. Categories: The Categories will be defined as follows:

  • Mega- Robots over 1500 CodeSize
  • Mini- Robots between 1500 and 750 CodeSize
  • Micro- Robots between 750 and 250 CodeSize
  • Nano- Robots under 250 CodeSize
  • Extends Robot- Robots that Extend Robot. These robots can only perform 1 action at a time.
  • Implements Droid- Robots that Implement Droid. These robots can perform multiple actions at a time, but they have no radar.

3. Entering Robots: Participants may only enter one robot per category, for a total of six robots. Under no conditions may participants enter robots that are not their own.

4. Results: The APS, PL, and Survival scores will be posted for each robot, along with a table of all the battles run.