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Team pairings and competitions occur within brackets. In order to reach a higher bracket, you must be part of the winning pairing within your bracket.

Note: The following information is fictious, serving only as an example)

Present Champion Pairing

GrubbmGait and Voidous team up for the win with Gr and Copious!

Bracket 1

  • Hubris by Martin Pedersen
  • Copious by Voidious
  • Gr by GrubbmGait
  • Krabinator by Krabb
  • Alvessessin by David Alves
  • UrsaMajor by Starrynte
  • AcmeRocketSled by WileyCoyote
  • Tribble by RoboTrekkie

Bracket 2

(empty so far)

New Participants

To be included in the next round of competition, please provide an author name, bot name, and URL that the bot may be retrieved from (Robocode Repository or personal). This also goes for new versions or bots for an existing participant. Participants are limited to one competitor, and a new bot or version will have to earn its way up from the bottom bracket.