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To ensure that teammates are able to communicate with one another, a set of standard messages has been created, and a library written to assist with transferring the data to and from teammates.

The messages types are as follows:

PD,time,x,y,h,v,e	// personal data
ES,time,x,y,h,v,e,name	// enemy scan
BO,time,x,y,h,v		// bullet (origin)
BX,time,x,y		// cancel bullet / wave
EW,time,x,y,v		// enemy wave origin
MR,name			// my radar target
MB,name			// my bullet target
TR,name			// suggested radar target
TB,name			// suggested bullet target
NA,message		// custom message

Ok .. a while ago I released it as a .jar, but here is the source for my implementation.


In practice, I have the package renamed pedersen.team.communication, for my pedersen.* line of bots. Otherwise I get runtime errors when Robocode starts. It is fairly easy to drag the files to a new location within Eclipse to refactor them. Let me know if you need more information. -- Martin