How to enter the competition(detailed)

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Why Dropbox?

I prefer Dropbox for hosting robocode robots for many reasons.
1) I can put my robots in the rumble fairly fast.
2) have all my robots versions saved their forever. For example if I need a code from SwordOfFire I can just download it's jar file from dropbox.
3) It is very easy to download robots back.

How to Use it

I am pretty sure most of you know but this page is for people who had no experience with such systems.(Just like me two years ago)
1) Open a Dropbox account
2) Press the upload button and from the robocode/robots directory choose the version you want to upload.
3) When the uploading is done you should be able to see the jar file of your robot; otherwise search for it with this format "robotname_versioning.jar".
4) Press the share button on your robots row(??)
5) Share it with your self.
6) You can skip those steps by putting your robot into a public folder.
7) After you have shared it, Press create link and then copy link.
7) Replace the dl=0 with dl=1.
8) Go to the Participants list and paste your robots link there.
You are done