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Bot Name






What's special about it?

nothing really, it's my own attempt at a mini wave surfer

Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?

How competitive is it?

we'll see

How does it move?


How does it fire?

GuessFactor gun

How does it dodge bullets?

see movement

How does the melee strategy differ from one-on-one strategy?

It is not melee aware

How does it select a target to attack/avoid in melee?

It is not melee aware

= What does it save between rounds and matches?

nothing between matches

Where did you get the name?

Thinking about my special someone

Can I use your code?


What's next for your robot?

Does it have any WhiteWhales?


What other robot(s) is it based on?

What fits in this mini

  • RollingAverage
  • Surfing all fired waves
  • 3 segmentation dimensions for the movement
  • 5 segmentation dimensions for the gun
  • BinSmoothing for the movement
  • PrecisePrediction
  • Dive in protection

What does not fit in this mini

  • Firing gun waves evry tick with a different weight
  • Anti-Rammer system
  • Checking for gun's alignement
  • Using BulletHitBulletEvent

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