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Author(s) User:ersamson
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting Pattern Matching
Movement Stop And Go
Released 2023
Current Version 1.8a
Code License RWPCL

Background Information

What's special about it?

Nothing really special, but it is a culmination of the work laid out by former and current Robocode authors.

How competitive is it?

Currently ranked lucky #13 in NanoRumble.


How does it move?

Uses a near copy of NeophytePRAL's movement without the "non-random" factor.

How does it fire?

It uses Pattern Matching.

How does it dodge bullets?

Stop and Go energy drop, switches between One-Way and Two-Way Oscillation when hit.

Additional Information

Where did you get the name?

Meroka is a CIWS, I think from Spain.

Can I use your code?

All good!

What's next for your robot?

This has probably reached its peak without the use of look-up tables.

Does it have any White Whales?

It doesn't have any particular weaknesses, but it scores lowest against GateKeeper.

What other robot(s) is it based on?

A study of movement from NeophytePRAL and Pattern Matching from Foilist, WeekendObsession and Yatagan.

And of course, even if I'm "late in the game" I'd still want to give a huge thank you to all the contributors on the wealth of information on both Old and Current RoboWiki.