Movement Weaknesses

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Common weaknesses in beginner robots and NanoBots.

Bots that change direction when they shoot or when the enemy shoots.
This works fine in NanoBot matches when the enemy is shooting at the same power level as you or a much different level, but when the enemy shoots a bullet that takes 1 turn less than yours to recharge, it causes your movement to cancel out, making you dead meat. Stelo.FretNano and trab.nano.AinippeNano both have this weakness and they get destroyed by bots that shoot at power 2.5 to their own power 3 shots.
Bots that orbit an enemy without closing distance or that run away at orbit.
Corner death. These bots tend to get stuck in corners and either beat themselves to death on walls or get destroyed because they cannot dodge.
Bots that dodge based on a timing pattern instead of enemy Energy Drop.
They work fine against 1 type of power shot, but get destroyed by everything else.
Bots that properly dodge back and forth based on energy, but don't take into account range of bullet.
Head-On Targeting bots will destroy you. Pattern matchers will also get you given time.
Bots that move in fixed patterns, such as Infinity.
Pattern Matcher lunch.
Bots that shoot at lower power to try and conserve energy or to raise hit rates
Good rambots will kill you dead as they hit with 90%+ accuracy and are firing full power while earning double points for ramming. This is why most high end nanos get destroyed by SledgeHammer and Tide.
Bots that do not react immediately to wall collisions.
Simple aim bots will pound you, PM bots will get confused and allow you to live a bit longer. Anything outside of nanos will trap you and destroy you.
Bots that primarily move in 1 direction.
PM bots will have a 50% greater chance of hitting you. Wave bots, ditto. Also, you will tend to hit walls more often, but if you reverse, this isn't too bad a thing.
Bots that move randomly or try to move flatten.
Had better be able to hit Head-On Targeting bots 3x more than they hit you with a movement exploit or something else awesome.
Bots that move less than about 30 pixels between shots.
You are going to get hit by head on targeting at 45 degree angles ‒ and it will get worse the less you move. Moving tiny distances on occasion is great to fool PM bots, but again, simpler bots that have zero lock-on time will get you.