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RaikoVersion History - Archived Talk 20090429

  • Alternatively it might be because the gun was completely broken. :-\ Never try to adapt a micro-gf gun, is my advice... 0.43 on the way.
  • Down 4 points in the general rumble and up 10 in minibot. Could be that saved data is more important than I'd thought, or maybe I've finally found the segmentation limit for 35-round battles? It does now have over 1k buckets. I think I'll leave it for now, finally beating Lacrimas is quite nice.
  • 2004-02-20: Long time coming but 0.41 is finally out. Unfortunately I changed virtually everything, only ran two test battles, and included hardly any data with it, so I'm not too sure where it's going to end up. :-) The new head-on avoidance is inspired by Aristocles and sample.walls.
    • Ugly bug in the head-on avoidance sends it plumeting... at least I hope it's that. :-)
  • 2004-01-28: Raiko 0.3 released. Back to a more theory-based movement.
  • 2004-01-09: Raiko 0.22 released.
    • Realized that I was actually segmenting on time since last velocity change, not time since last stationay like I thought. Well, it seems to work, so I left it. :-) Changed the granularity again.
    • Squeezed 99 bytes from the codesize so as to be able to implement Axe's linear movement trick.
  • 2004-01-05: Raiko 0.2 released.
    • Features an ugly hack to cover my awful near-field movement. Seems to work, though.
    • Refined the gun using a suggestion from Kawigi about granularity on the time-since-stationary segment.
    • Returns to segmenting on distance, not bullet velocity; this seems better against my problem bots.
  • And down again. Ah well. :-)
  • Ok, maybe I was wrong about the bug... Raiko re-enters at number 6 in overall 1v1. I'm going to go watch it drop. :-)
  • 2004-01-01: New year, new version. Raiko 0.16.
    • Tweaked movement over many battles with DT. Now does better vs it (~48% of score over 500 rounds with no data.) and seems improved against many others.
    • Reintroduced the time since last stationary segment. 5 segments in the gun may slow learning too much, but we'll have to see.
    • Data on more bots, but less of it (hundred round battles mostly)
    • Hmm, I think I might have introduced a bug while shrinking the code... :-/
  • Raiko 0.14 is out. several changes;
    • Changed to segmenting on opponent's absolute velocity. Works better against most bots.
    • Went back to an older movement which looks better near the walls. The new flattening modifiers solve the problem I had with it before.
    • Changed it's preferred combat range to 550 in line with the change in the flattest part of it's movement. Made it much more aggressive about maintaining it's distance from the opponent.
    • Multiplied everything by 1.2, just for the hell of it.

I've managed to loose whatever made it beat Griffon, unfortunately, but it looks better than 0.12 at least. ;-)

  • Raiko 0.12 plummets to 12th in mini 1v1 and 25th overall. My set of problem bots changed to being trashed by everything PEZ-like :\ I think I'll go back to 0.1 for now...

On the plus side, the new development version is the first I've tested to consistently beat FloodMini and Griffon without saved data. It still looses to micro.Predator_1.5, though. We'll work out something...

  • 2003-12-29 - Raiko 0.12 update released.
    • Fixed movement bug - now stays at it's best range. It also hits the panic button when finding itself too far from that range, and tacks towards it faster.
    • Removed segmentation on the elapsed time since the opponent was stationary. I'm not sure if this is good or not, it makes a big difference vs most of the problem bots but it now looses to Tityus 0.6.0. I settled on segmenting on the elapsed time since the opponent changed velocity instead.
  • 2003-12-28 - Raiko 0.1 released.