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A method of targeting that simply chooses a random angle among the angles that could possibly hit the opponent. Some successful NanoBots use this firing method. Its implementation is very small and for unpredictable movements, it will give a consistent hit percentage.


public void onScannedRobot(ScannedRobotEvent e) {
	// ...
	double targetAngle = getHeadingRadians() + e.getBearingRadians();
	double bulletPower = Math.max(0.1,Math.random() * 3.0);
	double escapeAngle = Math.asin(8 / Rules.getBulletSpeed(bulletPower));
	double randomAimOffset = -escapeAngle + Math.random() * 2 * escapeAngle;

	double headOnTargeting = targetAngle - getGunHeadingRadians();
	setTurnGunRightRadians(Utils.normalRelativeAngle(headOnTargeting + randomAimOffset));
	// ...

A simpler solution

A simpler method is to assume that the enemy is traveling in a circle around you (see Musashi Trick), which is often true among NanoBots and 1-vs-1 bots. If the enemy is traveling in a circle around you, the maximum distance it can cover before a bullet reaches it is enemy velocity / bullet velocity (in radians). For example, a power 3.0 bullet fired at an enemy going at full speed should be fired at a bearing offset between -8/11 and +8/11.

Selecting firepower

The advantage of a random gun is that it should have a roughly equal hit rate against all types of Movement. This makes ideal firepower selection pretty easy to pre-calculate. In the following equations x is the choice of firepower. It is assumed that damage output per tick is the quantity you're interested in maximizing, it may not be.

Bullet damage, assuming firepower > 1:


The smallest size of a robot, in radians:

<math>s=\frac{36}{d}</math>, where <math>d</math> is the distance to the other bot.

The total escape area, in radians:

<math>\alpha=2 \cdot asin(\frac{8}{20-3x})</math>

Probability of a hit, assuming uniform spread of bullets over <math>\alpha</math>:


The expected damage from a shot:


The heat created by a shot:


The firing frequency:


Expected damage <math>E_{x,d}</math> per tick of combat:

<math>E_{x,d}=E \cdot F = D \cdot P \cdot \frac{1}{ceil(10H)} =\frac{(6x-2) \cdot min(1,\frac{16}{d \cdot asin(\frac{8}{20-3x})})}{10+ceil(2x))}</math>

Optimization of <math>E_{x,d}</math> is left as an exercise for the coder.

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