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RoboRunnerGUI is a GUI for RoboRunner.

Styling of RoboRunner GUI is based loosely off from RoboResearch.

This GUI unlike RoboJogger is directly integrated with a modified version of RoboRunner.

Download and Source

The source of the GUI can be found on GitHub here: SOURCE

You can download the latest release from the GitHub release system here: DOWNLOAD

How to use

  1. Download a copy, and extract to it's own directory.
  2. Open the program, and goto View, and configure the path to the robocode libraries.
  3. Move any required robots to the robots directory.
  4. Add a new challenge.
  5. Select the number of threads to run.
  6. Hit "Start" below the Thread Count button.


  • Shows you the current battle and what round that battle is on.
  • It updates the results dialog incrementally as the battle goes on, allowing you a preview of the results.
    • You must however open and close the result dialog to get it to update.
  • You may reorder the queue while the threads are running and it will choose the next battle from the challenge highest on the list with unfinished battles.
  • Contains a challenge creator, so you do not have to create challenges by hand anymore.

Future Plans

  • Enable the challenge creator to create melee battles
  • Selectively start/stop battle threads.
  • Update results dialog as results come in, without requiring to reopen it.
  • Allow multiple results in a single results window.

Known Bugs

  • If you add a new challenge after a thread has finished, it will not pick up battles from it.
  • The thread system does not automatically stop when all threads are finished (this is just a UI problem, no resources are used).
  • Saving and resuming battles from queue is potentially unstable (limited testing).
  • If you close the program by the console window, you will lose your queue (no easy way around this).