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see Wikipedia:Requests for adminship for more detail

This page is for any user who want sysop or bureaucrat right. Copy following template and change to your own information.

Request for Sysop right for <Your Name Here>

Your own un-formal request.

Formal request
Wiki skill:
Active time:

» Nat | Talk » 07:26, 22 April 2009 (UTC)

Question from older Sysop or Bureaucrat to check is he/she should have this power or not.

Status: Pending
  • Any user that approved this request should list their name here, along with comment if possible.
  • Any user that rejected this request must list their name here with comment.

When the request is approved, change pending to

<span style="color:#0c0">Approved</span>

, when rejected change to

<span style="color:#f00">Rejected</span>

Sysop Right Requests

Request for Sysop right for Nat Pavasant

I started this page because I want sysop right. Only sysop, not bureaucrat. Feel free to ask me question if you want to. The reason I want this right is to edit the system message, which only allow sysop to do anything. That's all. Question, Approve or Rejected. David Alves, Voidious, GrubbmGait The choice is yours! Thanks.

Formal request
Name: Nat Pavasant
User: Nat
Age: 13 yeas old, fourteen on 3rd of July this year.
Wiki skill: Not much, but can create a complex template. I also have a lot of XHTML/CSS/JS skills.
Language skill: Intermediate English. Usually, I guess correctly for meaning of word I don't know. Along with some spell checker, Google Dictionary and double-checked for grammar, I think I have enough skill for normal conversation.
Active time: Usually from 0200 (UTC), but sometimes 0000 (UTC) to 1700 (UTC), but sometimes 2000 (UTC) in school holiday. Otherwise about 1200 (UTC) to 1500 (UTC) every days except for special vacation.
Reason: To update the system message under MediaWiki namespace.

» Nat | Talk » 07:26, 22 April 2009 (UTC)

Question me if anyone want to, as in Wikipedia:Requests for adminship page.

Status: Pending
  • Anyone? Please list your name. Actually only member with Sysop right allowed to vote, but there is only 3 users around here.
  • Hope not on this.