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SWARM was an attempt to build a multi bot of of stock codes but when I built him I did not know how to make the bots work as a team as I was and am a total n008 but I still tried it anyway. The insperation gos to Jim smtowski of battlebots (TM)fame for his Super Heavyweight multibot "The Swarm" that consisted of three middleweight bots. I dicided to origanaly only give him four bots but I will add more in the future. he is all the basic untamperd code witch means he will go after himself. He does have his advanteges though, as in if I enter him into a tourny there is four of him so less of a chance of him getting destroyed so I might enter him into a tourny if it's allowed

HOW DOES HE DRIVE? he uses a basic forward backward drive system while spinning his touretes and shooting

HOW COMPETITIVE IS HE he won his only fight so I guess that's good but that's because of his advantege

WHAT'S SPECIAL ABOUT HIM? nothing realy if your talking about his actions or program but because he's a multibot so that's pretty cool

DOES HE HAVE ANY WHITE WHALES no and hopefully never

IS HE BASED ON ANY OTHER BOTS? blaZter, HI, HYPER, and just about every other bot with the basic unmodified program