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SandboxDTVersion History - Challenge - Movement Riddles - Archived Talk 20090429

DT - "Dodge This"

3.02 - (rating 1992)

Will it break the 2K barrier? (3.02 fixes bug in 3.01 where full power bullets were not fired when enemy was close).

2.91 - (rating 1993)

A couple of tweaks here and there.

2.81 - (rating 1970)

Moves mainly on enemy bullet fire - opponents that fire waves on every tick will be at an disadvantage. If in challenge/reference mode and enemy moves or fires incorrrectly reverts back to normal mode.

2.71 - (rating 1995 (at best))

Added a couple of anti movement adaption guns to make life a bit more difficult. Also created separate entry for Melee competition - but no change to melee release. New team entry also created (also no change) but should sort out a long standing memory leak problem.

2.61 - (rating 1992)

Fix memory issues and improved movement against weak targeters (at the expense of good targeters).

2.51 - (rating 1970)

New Movement introduced for fine tune flatening in 1v1 - no change to the guns - that's for the next release :)

2.41 - (rating approx 1912)

The new movement introduced in version 2.21 is weak against some good guns - 2.41 hopes to merge the good elements of the movement in versions 2.11 and 2.21.

2.31 - (rating approx 1930)

Small change to keep a 'Crib Sheet' for targeting against opponents indefinatly - requires around 67 bytes per opponent.

2.22 - (rating approx 1912)

Bug Fix - DT 2.21 was in slow but accurate targeting mode (used for testing my movement).

2.21 - (rating approx 1910)

A new feature in the movement should make this version harder to hit. When Running under Java 1.4.2 I have ensured that the worst that can happen is that DT is disabled in round 1 only. No changes to targeting or melee in this update.

2.11 - (rating approx 1890)

I've had to improve targeting and movement to prevent people thinking I'm a soft touch - not tested as well as usual but should beat the present threat to the throne.


New adaptive movement - attempts to ensure enemy bots see a 'flat' movement profile for DT. Minor Bug fix in linear gun calculations - may make Melee and Team marginally better. A little more aggressive in that it will, on average, stay closer to the enemy.


Bug fix in gun - slightly better in longer battles against weaker bots. Additional gun (still statistical) Optimisation of movement Supports reference and challenge mode via properties file in data directory. For movement challenge in RoboWiki (reference = stationary fires 3.0 bullets, challenge = moves but does not fire).


Slight tweak of gun - selection of best gun sould be achieved more efficiently

1v1 movement replaced - after noteing some 1v1 bots had better movement I replaced my 1v1 movement so that it is no worse than any other bot at any distance according to DT's guns. Watch how DT turns just in time to miss the walls (it took ages to get this to work).

All new melee movement - no AG and no corner movement. This has not yet been tweeked so expect futer improvements.

Team: Old movement, may look at this if anyone beats DTTeam.