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Credits - Pseudocode
Old wiki page: AreaTargeting
Original author(s): Starrynyte

From old wiki's AreaTargeting page

First mentioned (i think) by RobocoderDan in the OpeningGame page. The idea is to:

  • Divide the battlefield into sections
  • Consider the bots in a section, moving into one, moving away one, etc.
  • Take the section with the most bots and fire in that direction

(kinda like a MinimumRiskTargeting thing) --Starrynte

Some pros and cons:

  • Pros:
    • not too hard to implement
    • if the bullet misses the intended target, it might hit another
  • Cons:
    • only works in melee
    • not very accurate with fewer bots and/or in larger battlefields
    • Even in melee, shooting specifically at closer bots may be more beneficial so they don't kill you :-)

Some ideas:

  • might work with a team system (i.e. leader sends radar info, droids fire where there are most bots)
  • you might select target where there are the most bots near it (to implement this targeting)

--Starrynte, i'll add to the list when i come up with more

Actually, I think it would be better to section it on angle, and find the angle with the most likely cluster of enemies to mow down. --Chase-san

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