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Source code?

The PatternBot jar doesn't include source code for the bot to prevent cheating, right? Or is it just to maintain the mystique? =D Regardless, the bot is so trivial that withholding the source seems counterproductive. Should we post the source for the sake of transparency? Would it be too much of a copyright violation? (Can anyone contact Vic and ask if it's OK?) You can look at my decompilation, but I'll delete it if anyone yells at me. « AaronR « Talk « 00:57, 17 October 2009 (UTC)

Really I have decompiled PatternBot long time ago to cheat. But seeing the code I think writing a PM gun is easier then simulating PatternBot movement. I don't think posting about decompilation isn't good idea. I myself learn a lot from closed source robots (guess which) by decompiling them, but I'll never ever slip my decompiled source over the internet (except for special purposes, such as fixing Robocode's bug causing SandboxDT to be disabled) --Nat Pavasant 11:42, 17 October 2009 (UTC)

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