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Once version 1.1 is released, I hope I'll find some time to enter the competition (I'm kind of busy at the moment). -- rozu

Here you go, have fun! -- Kawigi

Wow, incredible, especially the team. looks like it could even top my mini team. Clearly better then the good old HawkOnFire in the melee and team rumble. congratulations!!! -- rozu

Wow, the thing I didn't anticipate in teams was that I wouldn't lose to anyone by more than 40%-60%. That gives me a really positive PBI against the top teams. However, RadnorMedSchool and TroodonPack make up for it by exposing my awful targeting, so I think that GlowingHawks is safe in 3rd for now, even if they might have a new loss in the Team PL. In melee, that's about what I was shooting for, but it looks like it wasn't quite good enough to get a micro to stay back in the general melee top 10, at least not with two Tron's in the melee rumble :-p. At any rate, we still have to wait to see where the ratings stablize. -- Kawigi

the problem is this ratings will never stabilize. I would say that this is an incredible jump for a bot with HOT. I think it's a nearly impossible task to get a save place in the top 10 with this type of gun, despite the fact that Shiz might have the better movement then Aleph. -- rozu

Heh, well, you might have to figure that out (ABC-style) ;-) The problem I have is that while my gun is also good (in Coriantumr), it's not as good against the more basic bots as Aleph's or Shadow's. And the ratings may not stablize (especially the melee ratings), but the teams ratings should. Until we start doing team melee. -- Kawigi

Edit: maybe I should take back what I said a few posts ago - after almost 2000 battles, Shiz 1.1 is in a healthy 9th place, and with a little bit of boost, could even maybe overtake SandboxLump. I still think that it's not quite stablized in Teams, but that when it does it will stay behind GlowingHawks. -- Kawigi

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