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From old wiki

Funny. Naming is important! That use of a subclass to Condition for a Wave I published on the wiki long time ago when GouldingiHT was born. But then I didn't really know it was a Wave (nor that it was similar to VirtualBullets) and named it after what it was doing instead. Noone recognized it as a Wave and noone relized it was a codesize effective way of doing it. I wish Smoke good luck. GlowBlow really needs some competition. -- PEZ

Smoke 0.95 can beat GlowBlow and FhqwhgadsMicro 1.0 in my 100 rounds testing,just a little margin,however it goes better.~;] -- iiley

iiley, is it possible to publish the source of Smoke on this page? And if you have the time, could you add some comments on the working (of the PM-part)? Thanks, --Loki

Of course, it is open source, erVoidious i'll get a time to add some comments then post the source here. ;] -- iiley

I added the source on wiki, however this is 0.96's but seems 0.95 did better on rumble. -- iiley

thanks iiley, now i have something to study while sitting behind this heavily guarded corporate firewall --Loki

iiley, have you tested aiming your gun only at t-1, when t is the time when you fire a bullet? (see the discussion on this subject at Targeting/Discussions). Did your accuracy increase? Btw. i can imagine this setup does not fit into a micro, but for testing purposes it is usefull information and it may fit into your mini's. --Loki

I had never tested aiming the gun only at t-1, even in my mega-bots(But in my mega-bots i have checked if the aiming was finished), If i aiming it at t-1, usually i can't fire at t, because the run turnning usually need more than 1 tick, if i aiming it before t-3, most time i can fire at t. Of course this can save bytes too. -- iiley

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