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Credits - Pseudocode
Old wiki page: SymbolicDynamicSegmentation
Original author(s): Albert

From old wiki's Symbolic Dynamic Segmentation page

Some notes:

  • The order of the symbols in the string is important, because it segments by removing them from the end of the string (ie. the last ones should be the least common).
  • You can segment for the same variable but with different precision. For example, first for distance in 25 pixels per bucket, then 100.
  • Depending on the implementation (hihg segmentation and no minimum number of observations per key), and with enough data available, it behaves like a PatternMatcher.
  • If not it behaves like an StatisticalTargeting gun.
  • I found two problems right now: The first one is that saving data is not straigh, because to store it eficiently you should save only one bearing per key, compress the keys and probably remove the least used. The second one that you will probably get an SlowBot, because it needs a lot of calculations.

For an implementation, you can check Virus page.

-- Albert

That is a realllly slow gun. I just adapted it to ChumbaWumba, and it runs at about 30-40 fps versus a normal unmodded chumbawumba. -- AaronKrill

Its really odd going throught the wiki and seeing comments on things I don't remember doing. -- Krillr

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