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I played with the idea of ramming with XanderCat whenever facing an opponent that was beating it badly. The idea was (1) it would result in a better score (2) it would be funny as hell. Unfortunately, I found in testing that, when facing a strong opponent, I usually ended up dying before reaching the opponent. Using surfing to get in close first actually crossed my mind, so reading about WaveRammer now was interesting to me. I never tried that approach though. Personally, I wish Robocode provided a larger advatage to being the rammer vs the rammee to make ramming a more attractive option. -- Skotty 17:26, 9 June 2011 (UTC)

Well, this is really my experiment robot. It doesn't work very well. I think problem is that normally in closer distance, the opponent have much, much better chance of hitting you. And for getting closer with wave surfing, the approaching time is much, much more than normal ramming. So, if the opponent is much better than you (as you said), you certainly will be killed before you can ram them dirrecty. Also, for most top robots, they have very good ram evasion strategy too. Or it can ram you back if they have more energy left than you and gain ram score and bonus. That would result in worse score.

So, IMO, in order to make it to work, toy would have to make it (1) stronger wave surfing, but if that is the case, you would better off with normal surfing, or (2) approach enemy faster, which in time would make it harder to didge bullet.

About this WaveRammer, really I just snatch the Komarious and make it distance closer. There is almost nothing more than that. --Nat Pavasant 11:37, 10 June 2011 (UTC)

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