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I'm not sure why you care so much about this, or even why you have bothered checking? You'll get more use out of making your own bot better rather than diffing checking other robots classes against the originals.

But I think the only change is I have changed the package namespace to fit in with the name spacing of my robot. Its been about a year since I put this in my bot as I took a long break. Can you stop looking at the innards of my bot please, its kind of disrespectful. If I wanted people to see things I'd do write ups on the robowiki of the teqniques I have used (and I probably will once I am happy with my implementations) but I would expect others to implement the techniques in their own way rather than copying from source of others.

Other people are happy to share code which is fine, I have no problems using open source code and code examples from the wiki & web. But for now my bot code is not open. If you want to know details of techniques or want tips feel free to ask some SPECIFIC questions and I will do my best to answer. I'll probably not respond to any more questions like this.

Thanks, -wolfman

Wolfman (talk)20:01, 30 July 2015