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In my opinion KNN is actually easier to get good results with but much more difficult to get spectacular results with. My current KNN gun in Nene is pretty much bare bones (being from Mint). But I had started to hit a tweaking wall with it despite only having 'good' performance.

Chase17:34, 19 June 2013

I strongly doubt that you hit a tweaking wall with your attributes. Try:

making sure all of them are calculated correctly

working on your segmentation for wall proximity

perhaps tweaking how your bandwidth and size of k

AW (talk)17:55, 19 June 2013

Well I am not working on it at the moment. But by a wall I mean it will get a great deal more time consuming from here onward to improve.

Plus the gun has a very simple structure at the moment (which I don't want to mess with, because its beautiful).

Chase18:21, 19 June 2013