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While I think those points are valid, I somewhat disagree with their importance.

  1. I've experimented with different scaling of attribute differences, but never to any major success, in gun or movement. I'm currently not doing this anywhere in Diamond.
  2. If the data is dense anywhere in the graph of your movement data, it probably means you're getting hit a lot by a learning gun, at which point a much bigger issue is modeling data decay intelligently. Experience has shown that in VCS, stat buffers of varying depths with a generally low rolling average works well. There's no direct way to translate that to a DC setup.

Personally, I'd say that intelligently modeling data decay in DC surf stats is probably the biggest hurdle in converting from VCS. It's actually one of the main things I'm still tinkering with. I'm pretty happy with the setup I've arrived at in Diamond, but I think there's still a lot of room for improvement. I'd be happy to go into more detail about that if anyone's interested.

Voidious18:22, 12 September 2011