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Neuromancer has been doing Bot Shadows since 1.1 ;-) It gave a nice score increase too!

Skilgannon (talk)10:43, 3 October 2017

I thought that this inaccurate strategy would bring more harm than benefit. Good to hear it works, it seems cool to have this in a bot :)

Rsalesc (talk)11:41, 3 October 2017

I guess that, what makes an inaccurate strategy work is that — when the guess works, it's very beneficial, and when it is not working, it is not very harmful. Especially in melee, everything is imprecise, then making another mistake won't make things that bad ;)

I've been long thinking that Bullet Shadow is useless (because mostly only a small part is shadowed, and most bots are reducing danger in a rather inaccurate way), but it turned out very useful ;)

Xor (talk)12:18, 3 October 2017