FloodGrapher 2 Jar?

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FloodGrapher 2 Jar?

Robocode Repository appears to be down, does anyone have the jar file for FG2 I can grab from somewhere else please? Is flattening your movement profile still as important as it used to be? I wanted to analyse Agent Smith's movement to see how it holds up and hopefully flatten a little. Thanks!

Wolfman (talk)09:06, 25 July 2015

These days with 'adaptive profile' movements, flattening is less of an issue. FloodGrapher was more used for random movements. I could see it still being useful for tuning top Micro bots.

If you want to improve a wavesurfing movement, something that adapts its movement profile based on bullet hits (and possibly location visits), I would tune against RaikoMicro.

Skilgannon (talk)16:41, 25 July 2015

Hrm are there any modern movement challenge bots? The ones in the latest movement challenge are from 2007! :o It would be nice to tune my movement in a controlled environment against modern bots. Or is the MC2K7 still a useful test?

Wolfman (talk)17:54, 25 July 2015

I'd just use real battles and improve my score vs a test bed of like 100 bots. I use BedMaker, which I think needs updating to communicate with LiteRumble. I also posted some for Tkiesel a while ago over on User talk:Tkiesel, if those are of use to you.

But MC2k7 should still be useful if you prefer that kind of thing.

Voidious (talk)19:07, 25 July 2015