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Hi all. Apparently all we need to do is to report bugs to developers :) I did so and Fnl fixed it within a day.

I suggest everyone to upgrade to and kindly ask Rednaxela to tune rumble server to accept client with this version and above.

Beaming (talk)01:24, 4 September 2014

It would be Skilgannon that runs the rumble server, not I. ;)

Rednaxela (talk)15:16, 4 September 2014

Shame on me, I keep doing this mistake over and over :(

Beaming (talk)17:24, 4 September 2014

No worries =) The rumble is updated, and only accepting contributions from

Skilgannon (talk)19:18, 4 September 2014

Beaming, it seems your new client is still uploading megabots to the minirumble :-/

Edit: never mind, it now seems to be removing them. Maybe they were left over from the old install?

Edit2: it seems you have two clients running, one is removing and one adding.

Skilgannon (talk)09:19, 5 September 2014

Yes, I run 2 clients. More specifically 2 machines, both of which run roborumble and meleerumble, one of this additionally runs meleeTop30. As far as I can see, they have identical relevant software configuration.

I do not get it: microrumble and nanorumble seems to be fine with either of the clients, but minirumble is populated with megabots. Any idea what is going on?

As fat as I see after some tests, it is not a particular client issue. At start up, either of the clients cleans the mess, i.e. removes bogus entries. But then as it runs, it reintroduces them.

Also, both clients complain:

Could not load properties file: ./roborumble/files/codesize1v1.txt

I will report it to Fnl again.

Beaming (talk)14:41, 5 September 2014

I think I managed to fix the last part of the bug. I made a version here, which is not official (yet). If it works, I will release it pretty much as it is. If not, I will need to work much harder to figure out what causes the problem?!

Fnl (talk)00:22, 8 September 2014

Thanks Fnl.

Now we wait till Skilgannon switches accepted clients in rumble.

Beaming (talk)01:29, 8 September 2014 is now accepted for uploads. I'll disable when it is officially released.

Skilgannon (talk)20:03, 8 September 2014

Hi Fnl I've tried the client out a bit, and it seems to correctly remove bots at the beginning of each round, however it doesn't respect codesize for minibots when deciding which rumbles the results of a battle should be uploaded to. This may be due to the priority battles for that rumble requesting those bots, I'm not sure.

Skilgannon (talk)21:19, 8 September 2014

Yep, but why is the mciro and nano rumbles are fine? There must be something special about the miniruble.

Beaming (talk)22:01, 8 September 2014

I will dig into the RoboRumble client sources. I haven't touched RR for a long time, so it is odd that it causes problems with newer versions. Perhaps the change was made around version Anyways. I hope it is okay to upload newer version to check if the problems is fixed when I make new fixes/adjustments to the code? :-)

Fnl (talk)22:40, 8 September 2014

I am not able to find any obvious bugs on the client side that could cause this trouble. I checked all changes on the RoboRumble client sources since version Could it be some configuration issue or a change on the server side?

Fnl (talk)23:50, 8 September 2014

Okay. I checked all changed made to the RoboRumble since version and found a potential bug regarding a check for the codesize. I made a "rollback" of the code so it works the same way as for version and earlier. I made a new version that needs to be tested. It looks okay to me when it runs, but I need you to test it thoroughly.

If it works I will make a release of the new ASAP.

Fnl (talk)22:45, 12 September 2014

Dear Fnl,

It looks like this release fixed the situation. I do not see anything wrong with the minirumble anymore.

Thanks a lot for your effort.

Beaming (talk)02:03, 13 September 2014

Phew. This one was a hard one to fix. It was almost a one-liner bug, but still hard to find. :-) I will make a official release as soon as possible - hopefully later today. :-)

Fnl (talk)11:15, 15 September 2014

Thank you very much Fnl :-) I will disable uploads for as soon as you make the new official release.

Skilgannon (talk)14:51, 15 September 2014

Robocode has just been released. :-)

Fnl (talk)21:13, 15 September 2014