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Thanks for taking the patch into the account.

It looks like you do some sort weighting for colors based on counts. But I am afraid my changes to the RGB color model are not very suitable for this task. Since the resulting color is hard to predict and decipher back to APS and Survival.

I would suggest a few things to avoid this:

  • (easiest) let single count take it all, chose either APS or Survival
  • (better in my opinion) make separate APS and Survival maps. The comparison table underneath is quite wide, we can easily fit 2 maps above. How to handle 3 maps in the bot details page is unclear for me.
  • (alternatively) enlarge X-size of the map and use point size as count indicator

I would suggest to increase size of the map and points in any case. The current 169x169 image is painfully small on modern displays. May be we should convert to the vector SVG format supported by modern browsers?

Beaming (talk)01:49, 6 December 2014