"Single tick"

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"Single tick"

It occurred to me today that "Single Tick" (as in oldwiki:PatternMatching/SingleTick) is not really a form of Pattern Matching, but a form of firing angle projection. The Pattern Matching part is exactly the same. The difference is that instead of pulling a series of movements (PIF), a GuessFactor, or a Displacement Vector from your log, your "aiming" algorithm projects the enemy's movement for one tick, then keeps iterating over this aiming/projection. You could create a "Single Tick" version of any targeting algorithm...

Voidious22:22, 6 June 2012

Indeed, you could. I've thought about it before but never felt it was worth the high computational cost in most cases. It would be interesting to try though...

In the original wiki post it was referred to as

"Single Tick" PatternMatching

, with "Single Tick" being used in the sense of an adjective, so I wouldn't be surprised if Simonton had considered applying it to other algorithms too.

Rednaxela02:38, 7 June 2012