Small But Smart Melee Radar

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Hi mate I'm not sure how you calclulate the 20% fail rate, but to me it looks the whole radar needs a second thought. If you change the direction every time you have collected all opponents you end up with a very bad average scan rate. Imagine your first and last scan target are very close together, that would mean you have an average scan of 8 turns till you see them again. I guess you need some sort of tick counter and if this counter is greater 4 and you have not seen all targets, clear the set and don't change direction. Another problem is, if you scan the last target and it moves the next turn out of the scan arc, your radar needs a whole circle to find this last target again, because it was cleared. Maybe i'm not very good in explaining it, but hopefully it can give you the idea.

Wompi09:56, 10 February 2013