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I just made another change to RoboRunner that will be part of 0.9.7. Again, I kept it pretty minor, but that makes 4 minor things now, so I should probably put the source out there where you can get to it. The new change I made was to add isTerminated() methods to RoboRunner and BattleRunner. These new methods return whether or not the main thread pool and the callback pool are terminated (by checking isTerminated() on both thread pools and then feeding that info back up the hierarchy).

isTerminated() returns true on a thread pool when shutdown() has been called and all threads in the pool are done. This is important to RoboJogger in determining whether or not RoboRunner has finished shutting down before starting a new runner or allowing a user to exit the program.

Another alternative would be to add a shutdown method to RoboRunner that is blocking, but I didn't think that would work as well, so I didn't take that approach.

Skotty09:17, 8 March 2013