How Should RoboJogger Be Packaged?

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How Should RoboJogger Be Packaged?

A question for anyone who cares to chime in. Tonight I created most of a build script for RoboJogger. In the past I have used tools like Launch4J and IzPack to make executables and installers for Java applications for Windows. I could do this for RoboJogger, if anyone prefers. In addition to just making the source available, would you prefer: 1) A zipped archive where the main class is in a jar (unzip and run with javaw -jar robojogger.jar), or 2) A zipped archive where the main class is in an exe (unzip and run robojogger.exe), or 3) An installer that is a jar (run installer with javaw -jar robojogger-installer.jar), or 4) An installer that is an exe (just run robojogger-installer.exe). For 3) and 4), you could also indicate whether you think the main class should be a jar or exe, if that matters to you. Or I could provide it several different ways. So if you care one way or another, let me know.

Skotty07:38, 11 December 2012

Hi Mate. I'm on a mac here and i would prefer a jar in all cases. It also has to be max java 1.6 to be usable for me.

Wompi09:51, 11 December 2012

I can set up a Mac build as well. I've done that before. It will even be somewhat Macish, if you will, as I try to follow the Mac application styling guide for Macs by using the Mac menu bar and doing things like reversing the ok/cancel buttons on dialogs (I have support for that kind of stuff built into my code). For a Mac version, I can either have a zip filled with jars, or I can also create a .dmg file if preferred.

Skotty17:43, 11 December 2012

Do whatever the easiest is for you. I'm fine with .jar or .dmg. If i'm going to use it, i will probable make an .app out of it anyway. Not sure what you mean with 'somewhat Macish' :) - do you mean you have programmed it this way or just using the -Xdock flags?

Wompi19:13, 11 December 2012

In you are asking specifics, being somewhat Mac-ish to me means setting setting property "apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar" to "true" to use the screen menu bar instead of a menu bar in the Java app, setting system property "" to set the application name, using the "" classes for setting up Exit, About, and Preferences menu items, and for ok/cancel style dialogs, making the ok button appear to the right of cancel button rather than the other way around.

Skotty00:11, 12 December 2012

If you are feeling particularly ambitious, you could use launch4j to make a windows exe to launch it (or wrap it). It doesn't change anything for me (I can run it by double clicking the jar). But others might find it useful.

I think I recall a recent version of launch4j also supporting making MacOSX executables too.

Chase17:31, 15 December 2012