Interrupting RoboRunner

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I don't have a strong opinion about NPE vs returning null - I think the hasBotList is what made me feel ok with leaving the other one NPE-ing, but that doesn't mean it has to. Seems silly to insist you call 2 methods instead of 1.

I'll have to think about the interruption stuff. Are you using the same RoboRunner instance after interrupting and trying to use it again? Certainly that would give me pause and I'd want to look over RoboRunner and BattleRunner to see what internal state might be confused by this. If not, my only worry would be if the interruption came during a file write to the score log. Maybe in the file writing, we need to catch InterruptedException, close the file stream in the catch, and rethrow? I'm not really sure. Maybe Java is already smart enough not to corrupt a file stream when being interrupted? The code you have here makes sense and doesn't raise any red flags besides that.

Voidious18:12, 8 December 2012