Version 0.9.2 Bugs

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Okay, so I looked into what is happening with the scores under the BULLET_DAMAGE scoring type. What RoboJogger is doing is taking the score for the scoring type for the challenger and dividing it by the sum of the score for the scoring type for both the challenger and opponent. I think this seems right, but I don't use scoring modes other than PERCENT_SCORE very often, so I'm not entirely sure.

Why this comes up with a bad number is because when the scores are loaded from the ScoreLog (ScoreLog is part of RoboRunner), the bullet damage score (which the BULLET_DAMAGE score type relies on) is always 0 for the opponent. This might be a bug in RoboRunner -- either the scores not getting saved correctly or loaded correctly by the ScoreLog. I also noticed that the energy conserved values were also 0 for both the challenger and opponent, so may be a related bug there too.

Skotty16:23, 24 December 2012