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Well, an enemy who doesn't fire has no chance at regaining any energy. So you can only at the absolute most do 100 damage to them in a single round.

Of course if the enemy damages itself by hitting the wall or your robot. Then your score will not be 100, since you did not do 100 damage, even if you kill it. This also happens if you don't win the turn. If your robot disables itself from firing, then only the damage you did that round gets counted.

As for damage. Well you do more damage then power you put into a bullet. The algorithm is this. Taken from

double damage = 4 * bulletPower;

if (bulletPower > 1) {
	damage += 2 * (bulletPower - 1);

So you can get 100% without hitting every shot. You do 16 damage for every 3 power bullet you fire. For every 1 power bullet you fire (say after you shot and missed 33 times), is 4. So you only have to hit 7 times to kill the enemy. Though it is often not that simple.

Chase19:24, 24 December 2012