Version 0.9.5 Bugs

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Another bug that is still around, just FYI, is on rare occasions some data can be lost from one of the score logs. I am still not sure under what scenario this happens, but it did happen to me again recently. It didn't totally corrupt the score log, but it did lose some of the battles, and those battles had to be re-run for some of my challenges.

Another potential issue -- not really a bug -- is that RoboJogger can be slow to start up if you have a large number of challenge runs, because it recomputes completion information for every challenge run on startup, which can mean reading a lot of score logs. I was thinking for the next version I would store completion information separately (basically store it with the challenge runs instead of recomputing from the score logs) to make initial start up quicker.

Skotty23:16, 29 January 2013