Version 0.9 Bugs

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Version 0.9 Bugs

I did some more testing since I threw up links to version 0.9. I noticed that if you let RoboRunner process all challenges, once it is complete, the buttons and menu item to start RoboRunner and do things like Setup do not re-enable. This was an issue with the way I was doing locking, and I've already fixed it in my source. I'll put up a version 0.9.1 in a few days where that will be fixed.

I also noticed that if you have a challenge where the robots have nicknames (like MC2K7), error messages show up in the log for the nicknames. This doesn't affect usability any, but it shouldn't happen, so I'll get that fixed too.

Another minor issue I noticed is that after multiple seasons, the totals RoboRunner shows and the totals RoboJogger show can be a smidge off. I would guess this is due to some rounding error somewhere. I'll investigate it.

For the look and feel for Windows, I chose Nimbus, because I think it's pretty cool. But I think Chase is right, I should default to the system look and feel. I will probably change that; however, I will probably also add a dialog for changing the look and feel as a preference (I already have a class available that does that, so it's trivial to add).

Totals not showing up in the middle of the first season is normal. A total isn't really valid (imo) until at least one battle has been run against each robot in the group or challenge. However, if totals don't show up after a full season completes, that is a problem. And not a problem I have witnessed. I'll keep an eye on this, but so far I haven't seen this problem. If you continue to see this problem and I don't, you may need to post or send a copy of your challenge file for me to test with.

Chase had another good point about removing unnecessary stuff from the robocode_template directory. It is highly unlikely someone will download this and need or want a full copy of Robocode with it. I'll trim it down to the bare minimum.

Finally, I know it's a little unnerving not having some kind of progress indication when RoboRunner is running. Note that in the Tools menu there is an option to Show RoboRunner Output. This will show what RoboRunner would normally output to the console (but with each line timestamped), though it is limited to I think the last 300 printed lines. It is the only way to see on-the-fly results right now and have a good indication of progress.

Please post any other bugs you come across. Thanks!

Skotty14:02, 15 December 2012

FYI -- I have not tested any melee at all yet, so there is a higher chance of bugs for that.

Skotty15:18, 15 December 2012

My original comment was eaten by the reply box closing when I scrolled to hit save.

So in short, I did notice the output, and did use it and that is how I know that there were no results, mid season or after it finished. One robot challenge with percent scoring.

As for progress you could just parse the output of roborunner and redisplay it in the UI in some way. But this may require another thread.

Chase18:24, 15 December 2012

I thought about parsing the RoboRunner output, but that is not a very clean way of interfacing with RoboRunner, and Voidious already seemed willing to provide an update in the future that will provide a more robust interface for getting on-the-fly results. So I am waiting on that (@Voidious -- let me know if you want me to help on this; I have time now that I'm mostly done with RoboJogger 0.9). In the meantime, if you close all result windows for a challenge and reopen the results, you should see full results. RoboJogger reloads everything using the RoboRunner ScoreLog when the results window is opened. I'll do some more testing to see if I can cause a scenario where results are missing.

Skotty21:14, 15 December 2012

Found another problem. After "stopping" RoboRunner, the RoboRunner threads appear to continue to use CPU. Not sure why yet. But it definitely needs to be looked into.

Skotty04:52, 16 December 2012

Solved the last bug already. I didn't realize that when shutdown() is called on the thread pool, it will still finish executing any queued tasks. I just had to make a minor update to my modified version of RoboRunner to also cancel all remaining Future's after being interrupted.

Skotty05:05, 16 December 2012