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I don't have any problem with rambots in 1v1, but in melee if you depress the score of a particular bot it also depresses their score against everybody else. Ie. it doesn't just affect your pairing, but also the pairings of all other bots in that battle. So, while I wouldn't mind it being added as a temporary fixture to see where it scores, I would prefer it if it didn't stay, because it skews scores in other pairing as well and we would have no way of isolating that it is just Grudge causing these scores.

I wonder if there isn't some way of figuring out each bot's contribution to the score over a large number of battles, and then award the appropriate score? If we had something like that instead I would have no problem with Grudge being entered, because then it wouldn't affect other pairings.

Skilgannon10:07, 23 February 2013