MogBot and Hamilton

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MogBot and Hamilton

I have both bots excluded melee/single as well. They crash my systems (mac/linux) every second battle or so. MogBot has a serious thread writing file issue and i was not longer in the mood to deal with this bot, crashing my system in the middle of the night. So +1 for removing it from me.

Wompi23:02, 1 June 2012

Yeah, maybe we should just remove them. It seems like something is removing them from the rankings, as well. (I don't see them right now - was watching for when Diamond 1.7.9 would get its remaining battles vs bots I've excluded.) I've got extra.Sauce and extra.LightSauce excluded too.

Maybe I'll also take a look if they're open source and if there's something I can do to post fixed versions to the rumble. MogBot is one of the earliest Pattern Matching bots, so I'd love to keep him around - I learned about PM from the author's tutorial many moons ago. =)

Voidious15:12, 5 June 2012

Yep i remove Mogbot from the meleerumble. MogBot is open source so if you find something to change the thread writing stuff .. feel free. Nice story about MogBot, for me it was until now just a really annoying bot, but with this history well, i change my mind.

I figured out if you exclude bots from the rumble and you are the main contributor the rumbleserver removes these bots until they get new battles. Otherwise there are a lot of bots in the participants list that i don't have excluded but also don't get battles.

Wompi02:35, 6 June 2012