Why isn't my team playing?

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Both your TwinDuel teams seem to be running for me, so they should get results once my client uploads some. But there is a problem with DuoLedByDroid: the team references the development version of BlindMan, while BlindMan 1.0 is what's packaged in the JAR, so Robocode says Can't find robot: jeremyreeder.collective.BlindMan* and it's a 1v2 battle. If you want to see what I mean, unzip the JAR and look at DuoLedByDroid.team and BlindMan.properties - the * in the version number means development version.

What you probably expect to happen is you have your dev version team of dev version bots, and when you package the team, it first packages the bots to real versions and then packages the team. For some reason, the .team file in the JAR still points at the dev version, even tho it correctly packages the bot.properties file to use the same version as the team version you specified. This seems like a bug (unless anyone knows why it should work this way?).

TL;DR What you need to do is package the individual bots to real versions, then package a team with those versions and everything should work.

Voidious17:09, 17 March 2012