lxx.Tomcat 3.55 vs cs.ags.Scarlet 1.1c

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I also do some investigations:

  • Tomcat 3.54a vs Tomcat 3.54a: ~320 mb
  • Scarlet 1.1c vs Scarlet 1.1c: ~300 mb
  • Druss vs Druss: ~129 mb
  • Diamond vs Diamond: ~116 mb

Numbers - it's smallest used memory showed by robocode after gc. So both Tomcat & Scarlet is memory consuming robots. I tried to optimise Tomcat, but did not get any success. Anybody have ideas, how i can detect which part of Tomcat uses most part of memory?

Jdev06:27, 27 February 2012

Try doing some heap profiling.

MN15:10, 27 February 2012