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We haven't heard from Darkcanuck in quite a while, so as far as I know we're still at a max of on his server. Skilgannon has been playing with his LiteRumble at, and he's using 1.7.4.x, but I don't think it can handle the load we put on Darkcanuck's. Not sure how long we should wait before considering moving to a new server. We could setup a new instance of Darkcanuck's code elsewhere. (I hope everything's ok with Darkcanuck, just speaking personally.)

Voidious05:24, 14 October 2012

If someone builds a new server, I would ask to not restrict it to only a few versions (i.e., Doing the opposite, banning only specific versions, with the latest versions being allowed by default, would work a lot better.

MN15:55, 15 October 2012

If we set up a new server I have some changes which will need to be made to the melee priorities battles. The current system sends back a priority battle for each pairing, and the client just runs the first N.

Skilgannon16:05, 15 October 2012