Adding Bullet Shielding

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Adding Bullet Shielding

Have you ever thought about adding bullet shielding? You could get extremely high scores against some top bots.

Dsekercioglu (talk)16:58, 4 October 2017

Yes, I've been thinking about that for awhile, even before ShieldBot (which ranks #3 in vote) is created. Anyway, doing bullet shielding would mask some improvements in both gun and movement, therefore I decided not to add it until the last (probably) version.

ShieldBot shares a lot of code with ScalarBot (actually all the framework stuffs are from ShieldBot, and that framework is designed for multi-mode, especially bullet shielding), which makes adding a bullet shield painless (just copy the shield module into ScalarBot, then, done).

Xor (talk)17:26, 4 October 2017