Tough to beat

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Yeah, congrats for the strong vote and PL! It's actually interesting what your list of problem bots are, you have some interesting ones like SilverSurfer and SniperFrog. I guess your unique movement makes you susceptible to different specific types of guns.

Also I think vote is a really interesting score metric. While it does say how strong your bot is, it also says how unique your bot is, since you only need to be best by a very small margin, and against a specific set of bots. Getting vote for a small set of bots is hard. Getting vote much higher is really, really hard.

Skilgannon (talk)18:59, 13 September 2017

Thanks a lot! And it also has a lot of interesting problems bots which is relatively simple, e.g. FloodHT, which segments simply on whether near wall or not, and with some traditional ones like distance. No fancy attributes, no decay, but it hits me well ;)

Agree that vote is really hard to earn, and it is often earned with surprise ;) Maybe what contributes to vote the most is movement, when you dodge effectively. But a really strong gun which is able to exploit some hidden weakness may also help.

Anyway, ScalarBot's gun is unchanged at all since initial release, and it also has a lot of bugs I'm not fixing now ;) Maybe some bug also make its targeting unique, giving some bot a trouble.

Xor (talk)03:36, 14 September 2017