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Talk from old wiki

You should release a MegaBot called LifelongObsession to go with it. --David Alves

  • I could release it if you promise to take over development :) -- Simonton

Hey, you released WeekendObsession S 1.0 on friday, that not a weekend! Please keep your naming consistent ;-) -- GrubbmGait

  •  :) Sorry. I couln't help myself. Can I plead the holiday time?? -- Simonton

I was looking at the code and I couldn't figure out why you cast the char to a short instead of int:

		// aim.
		do {
			a += (short) enemyHistory.charAt(--matchPos) / dist;
		} while (--i > 0);

-- Kinsen

Good question! Are you familiar with the 2's compliment format for binary numbers? In java, casting from a char to an int does not do any sign extention, so (int) (char) -1 != -1 (it equals some large number instead). A Java "char" is the same length as a Java "short", (short) (char) -1 == -1. -- Simonton

Voidious17:50, 4 September 2011