Head on gun in melee

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Last edit: 22:19, 11 November 2015

Well, I am looking forward to get my "Aha" moment. I you kept us in suspense for long enough :) Who knows, may be someone will use it as a spring board to beat the king.

I was trying to avoid PIF, since I would have to redo a lot of code. But deep inside, I believe PIF is more physical than GF targeting. I tend to agree with Voidious that Displacement Vectors in melee make more sense. PIF seems to be a gun which would be in alignment with this idea.

Beaming (talk)22:06, 11 November 2015

I like PIF for melee because it means I don't have to make assumptions that bots are moving relative to me, or their nearest enemy. I find in melee multiple enemies and walls can all affect movement, so the assumptions for GF and displacement vectors don't necessarily hold true. Of course, they are much faster.

Skilgannon (talk)22:10, 11 November 2015