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Yes, it does make sense, although mostly it is dependent on hitrate instead of hit/miss. The are some more things to keep in mind regarding bulletpower. First of all, heavier bullets travel slower. Next to that, you do not want to disable yourself, you'll be a Sitting Duck with 0.0 energy. You can choose your bulletpower depending on distance, when you are close, fire full power as the chance of hitting is bigger. There has been grown a consensus to have the default bulletpower somewhere between 1.7 and 2.4, mostly due to a (theoretical) discussion years ago (somewhere on the old wiki). This number would be an optimum to minimize the energyloss while still be able to punch hard enough. The best way is to pick an opponent and try different (extreme?) powerschemes, so you can see what is happening and come up with something you like. And it gives much more satisfaction that you create by yourself even out of ideas of others, than just to copy some things from others you don't understand.

GrubbmGait23:33, 11 October 2011